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Striiv Fusion 2 Activity Tracker Wearable tech with its own fitness program, turn fitness into a lifestyle with the Striiv Fusion 2. Pre order now stock available from Nov 1st. Back Home Buying Guide: Televisions. Advances in picture quality mean you can now put a larger TV in your space than previously would have been possible. While it is still essential to choose a TV that suits the dimensions of your home, you can now go bigger than ever before. Always choose a TV that suits your usage.

For example, if you use yours to review design work or photography, then you might consider a high resolution 4K or 8K TV. Looking to take home entertainment to new heights? Creating the ultimate cinematic experience at home is simply a matter of teaming your new TV with a quality soundbar or wireless multi-room audio system for truly immersive, heart-of-the-action audio! A smart TV provides instant access to unlimited content, through services like Netflix and Stan. Enjoy the unparalleled convenience and control that a smart home TV affords by letting you search for movies, shows, music, videos and more — using only your voice!

If you have a smart home, you can choose a TV that will enhance your existing set up. Shop for a TV by the same manufacturer as your existing smart appliances, for example, and it could perform really cool tasks like notifying you when your washing is done. Got an avid gamer at home? Level up those gaming pursuits with the immersive experience that 4K and HDR technology can deliver. With the latest line-up of 4K TVs, you can fall headlong into gameplay, thanks to beautifully intense picture quality and spectacularly rich colour reproduction.

Although larger screens are best enjoyed from a distance of around 1. Certain models include the Android OS and Google Chrome, enabling users to enjoy the best online content through a familiar interface. Smart TVs allow users to stream content directly to their TV. Apps such as Netflix and TV catch up services mean you can enjoy a vast catalogue of shows and films at the touch of a button Internet connection and certain subscriptions required.

Smart Home TV. Smart home TVs with voice control mean all you have to do to engage with your TV is call out your instructions. A smart home TV enables you to interact with your existing smart devices and appliances in ways never before possible. TV Technology Breakdown. Quantum Dot technology Quantum dots are tiny crystals that absorb and, in turn, emit light resulting in peak brightness, higher dynamic range and outstanding colour accuracy.

General Technology. Ambient Mode Ambient Mode, a technology found in the Samsung Smart TV range, enables your television to blend into the background when not in use. Hertz Hz Hertz refers to the number of times the pixels used to display an image are refreshed per second. Edge-lit TVs light up their screens with arrays of LEDs along the edges of the panels, allowing the set to be thin and light.

Backlit TVs use a large array of LEDs directly behind the panel, making the screen a little thicker, but allowing it to more evenly illuminate the panel and, for high-end screens, adjust individual LEDs to enhance black levels in scenes.

You don't have to pay top dollar to get an ace TV – these are the budget tellies worth buying.

Very good edge-lighting systems can produce excellent pictures, though, and TV manufacturers are making backlit LED arrays smaller and thinner, so the distinction means less than it used to. No matter the technology, an LED TV's thinness and brightness will be roughly proportional to its price range. OLED organic light-emitting diode displays are a rare and very expensive technology for TVs, and despite their name are drastically different from LED-backlit televisions.

In fact, they're closer to plasma screens in how they work. Each diode generates both color and light, like in plasma screens, but they can be much smaller and thinner than even LED-lit panels, and can produce some of the best black levels possible. A big TV that's too close can be just as uncomfortable to watch as a small one that's too far away, so don't assume that the biggest screen available is the best choice. There are a few different rules of thumb regarding TV screen size based on your distance from it. Generally, the distance of your couch to your TV should be between 1.

So if your couch is six feet away from your screen, you can comfortably watch a TV between 42 and 60 inches. If your couch is five feet away, a to inch screen should work well.

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Most televisions have flat screens. Curved screens were a more prominent fad a few years ago, when several TV manufacturers Samsung in particular pushed curved televisions as premium products. Some manufacturers claimed that curved TVs offered some form of visual benefit. This doesn't reflect in our testing. Performance-wise, there is no reason to opt for a curved television screen.

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Whereas a smaller curved gaming monitor can provide a more immersive viewing experience for a single viewer, a curved TV can make it harder for large groups to get consistent picture quality. Those looking at the screen from an off-center angle may experience distortion. Design-wise, curved screens might look visually striking, but they certainly don't justify an increase in price over a similar flat TV.

One of the biggest problems with narrowing your choices to a single TV is the sheer number of specs. To make your job a little easier, two of the biggies, refresh rate and contrast ratio, are safe to ignore. Refresh or response rate, the speed at which your TV's panel refreshes its image, is expressed in hertz 60Hz, Hz, Hz, Hz, or Hz.

The theory is that a faster refresh rate results in a smoother image. But in reality, there are several reasons this simply isn't true, and it's not worth paying more for a set with a faster response rate. In many cases, 60Hz will do just fine for films and Hz will be plenty for video games and sports though you should probably turn off those higher refresh rate modes when watching most shows and movies, or else you'll get that jarring soap opera effect.

Contrast ratio, meanwhile, is the difference between the darkest black and the brightest white a panel can display. In theory, the highest contrast ratio possible is desirable since dark blacks and bright whites contribute to a high-quality picture. There isn't a standardized way for manufacturers to measure this spec, though, so Samsung's numbers aren't directly comparable with, say, Panasonic's or Sharp's numbers.

And, as you might imagine, vendors are vying to come up with the highest ratios, so they can charge more. Ignore any claims of contrast ratios in the millions or infinity; with the exception of LG's OLEDs which are the only TVs we've tested to actually produce an "infinite" contrast ratio with a perfect 0 black level , the best TVs tend to have just five-digit contrast ratios.

Almost all TVs now offer web apps and built-in Wi-Fi. Many also integrate social network services like Facebook and Twitter, and many manufacturers offer entire downloadable app ecosystems with other programs and games you can use on your TV. These apps are also available in most Blu-ray players, all major video game systems, and even on inexpensive media streaming devices, so they're not vital. But a friendly interface and the services you want to use available directly on your TV adds some convenience, and doesn't require you to buy any additional devices. Your ideal TV should provide enough video connections not only for now, but for the foreseeable future as well.

The most important input is HDMI, which supports all major forms of digital video sources including Blu-ray players, game consoles, set-top boxes, cameras, camcorders, phones, tablets, and PCs through a single cable. It's the best way to send p video from your devices to your screen with one cable, and will be the main way you connect your main sources of entertainment to your TV.

It's the latest standard that supports 4K video at 60 frames per second; older HDMI ports can only handle 4K up to 30 frames per second, at best. As for cables, unless you have a huge home theater system and plan to run cables between devices at distances longer than 25 feet and that's being generous , brands and prices don't matter.

We've compared the performance of high-end cables and inexpensive ones, and found that they all carry digital signals similarly. More expensive cables might have a better build quality, but you won't see any performance advantages from them. Don't shop for HDMI cables at retail stores, and ignore and clerks who warn you of "dirty electricity" or "viruses" that can come with cheap cables both claims I've witnessed. Hop online and find the least expensive cable at the size you need and snap it up.

Top 6 Best 4K TVs of 2018

Once it's all hooked up, you might want to get it calibrated. We can guide you through some of the adjustments yourself, and some TVs have a built-in calibration wizard you can access in the menu. If you have a high-end TV and want the absolute best picture possible, you can spend a few hundred dollars to have your screen professionally calibrated, but for most viewers, it's an unnecessary expense. And, of course, don't forget to turn off motion smoothing the effect that makes everything look like a soap opera. TVs have built-in speakers that function well enough in the sense that you can understand dialogue, but beyond that they're typically pretty underwhelming.

With few exceptions, you can improve your movie and gaming experience greatly by getting an add-on speaker system, like a soundbar or a dedicated multi-channel home theater system. If space is at a premium or your budget is limited, a soundbar is your best bet. Soundbars are long, thin, self-contained speakers that sit under or over your TV. Small and simple to set up, they're less expensive than multi-speaker systems. Soundbars generally don't separate the channels enough to accurately place sound effects, but they've become quite good at producing a large sound field around you.

Here are some of our favorite soundbars. As a rule, TVs aren't rugged and you shouldn't use them outside. They aren't built to handle extreme temperatures or any significant amount of moisture or dirt. If you want a TV to put on your porch or deck, you need a specialized one designed for that location. Companies like SunBriteTV make rugged TVs that can function in a much wider range of temperatures than most consumer TVs, and are protected against the elements. They're built to be left out in the rain and snow, with a heavy chassis and shielded connection bays.

That extra protection will cost you, though; most rugged TVs cost at least twice as much as comparable indoor TVs. For more buying advice, see our TV Product Guide for the latest reviews. Fairly accurate colors. Roku TV platform has lots of features. Cons: Dim panel.

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Color range isn't particularly wide. Pros: Bright, colorful picture. Google Cast compatible. These TVs are listed as box damaged but it's basically brand new. I haven't heard anyone who actually got a damaged box.

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  • Please comment if you did. Thought this is a great deal on a 75" 4K model from Sony. Appears to be the lowest priced 85inch TV. Competitive picture quality, nits backed with 3 years manufacturer warranty. Key Features 85" Ultra High Definition panel x screen …. This is a really solid price for what you're getting. It's by far the cheapest this model has ever been… Only downside I can see is the slow boot times according to a few ….