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This includes frequent short trips less than 10 miles, especially in cold weather , stop-and-go city traffic driving, driving in dusty conditions gravel roads, etc , and sustained highway driving speed during the warm season. For this type of driving behavior, the recommendation is to change the oil every 3, miles or six months. For maximum protection, most oil companies say to change the oil every 3, miles or three to six months regardless of what type of driving you do. Regular oil changes for preventative maintenance are cheap insurance against engine wear, and will always save you money in the long run if you keep a car for more than three or four years.

It's very uncommon to see an engine that has been well maintained with regular oil changes develop major bearing, ring, cam or valve problems under , miles. To reduce the costs of vehicle ownership and maintenance, many car makers say the oil filter only needs to be replaced at every other oil change. Most mechanics will tell you this is false economy. The oil filters on most engines today have been downsized to save weight, cost and space.

The "standard" quart-sized filter that was once common on most engines has been replaced by a pint-sized or smaller filter. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that a smaller filter has less total filtering capacity. Even so, the little filters should be adequate for a 3, mile oil change intervals -- but may run out of capacity long before a second oil change at 6, or 15, miles.

If you do your own oil changes, make sure you get the correct filter for your engine. Follow the filter manufacturer's listings in its catalog. Many filters that look the same on the outside have different internal valving. Many overhead cam engines, for example, require an "anti-drainback" valve in the filter to prevent oil from draining out of the filter when the engine is shut off.

This allows oil pressure to reach critical engine parts more quickly when the engine is restarted. Filters that are mounted sideways on the engine typically require an anti-drainback valve. Used motor oil should be disposed of properly. The Environmental Protection Agency does not consider used motor oil to be a hazardous chemical, but it can foul ground water and does contain traces of lead. Hopefully they will be told how much they are appreciated for a job well done.

I'm in management and it's hard to get good help! John d. Employees need to be more friendly and not look put out when you pull in. Knowledgable and attentive. Terry W. The guys were all very friendly and professional! I come to this valvoline every time. Friendly staff! Used this location for years My only issue was Ashley's n My only issue was Ashley's nail polish did not match her safety glasses as it normally does.

Holly S. Everyone is professional and gets the job done. Michael W. Very friendly service and they took care of several issues for me with accuracy. Jammie M. Overalk exceptional service. I have an oil leak. I was told it was probably nothing to worry about because there was no sign of a problem. Had the same thing happen as my mileage indicated it was time for another oil change. I had to add over two quarts. Still nothing found wrong. The two employees that waited on me were very professional and friendly. They offered other services but I did not feel pressur They offered other services but I did not feel pressured, which I like.

Friendly, fast, and informative. Jill C. The staff was friendly and engaging. They joked and chatted while getting the job done. I didn't feel like a 'number' or just I didn't feel like a 'number' or just another car in line to finish and get through. Felt some pressure for extra services. Joseph G. Quick pleasant service by a young man who is a family friend. Paul holman. They was a lot of help answered my question professionally.

They were very knowledgeable and helped me out with the needs of my car. Finn Fred. The Valvoline people do exactly as I expected. Ashely the manager is absolutely great!!! I actually get free oil changes from John Jones nextdoor but i would rather pay the I actually get free oil changes from John Jones nextdoor but i would rather pay the Valvoline corydon location to change my oil instead.

I have been going there many years and trust only them to insure my cars health. Big Papa D. No waiting, in and out in less time as advertised, not being pressured into buying additional services, overall SPOT on. They have always changed my oil in both vehicles. They always do a great job of getting me in and out. David C. This is the best oil change crew I have seen. They do a better, quicker job than the dealer. It cost less too! That means not ha That means not having to drive to Louisville and take most of the day.

Very friendly and knowledgeable. My service was done quickly and efficiently, and I was treated in a professional manner. Kate S. I had major sticker shock at first because of the price of the transmission service. However, within a short a short amount of t However, within a short a short amount of time the exceptional customer service made up for the price and create an exceptional experience.

Christian was great! It's just very expensive. James carter. Service was quick. Informative and service men were professional. Hats off to them. James carter louisville my. Trish D. The staff was a great help and did a great job. The friendly, knowledgeable staff makes for a great experience. Chuck H. Staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Options weren't discussed as far as price. It was outrageous! Usually they always show me the different oils. They did not this time. Afterwards I realized it was because I got synthetic la Afterwards I realized it was because I got synthetic last time, which is more expensive.

I assume they wanted to keep me with that since it cost more. Next time, I will know to ask for the regular oil if that's what I want to change to. Robert M. I liked the way they serviced my car and the service all around. Sonny Steele. Because it is fast and I can be on my way. The attendant was courteous and helpful. The staff snapped to it and got my car finished in record time!

It was very hot outside It was very hot outside so I used the waiting room with my three year old daughter. It was done so quickly we probably could've stayed in the car! Great service, awesome value with an online coupon I found and much more trustworthy than Wal-Mart, where I waited for over 2 hours!!!

Thanks Valvoline crew! Competent, efficient service is something I can always count on from this location. There is a lady that has been working at this location for a year or more. Seeing a familuar helps.

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Johnny W. The Lady we had is very good at her job. She put a new belt on before on a visit and I was very satisfied. I hop I get her on I hop I get her on all my stops. I seen they were swamped ran to post office got stamps came back and they got me right in. Very friendly staff. No price change No price change from previous visit so I was happy to know what to expect.

Audi ose. The job was done quickly as promised and I expect to come back. Courteous efficient service. The staff was very thorough and knowledgeable when checking the lights and otehr items on their list and were not condescending The staff was very thorough and knowledgeable when checking the lights and otehr items on their list and were not condescending when asking me questions or making recommendations.

That isn't always the case when woman takes her car in for servcie. Jim Sutton. I am a businessman in the kentuckiana area for over 25 years , the staff in corydon Indiana was outstanding and professional. This is something you don't receive in everyday business and personal situations as a customer. The old modern way is that the customer comes first. In corydon Indiana I clearly experienced that , Jim Sutton. Leandra A. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

For someone who knows nothing about cars or oil changes, they walked me through ev For someone who knows nothing about cars or oil changes, they walked me through everything. It was a great experience and I got exactly what I needed in a quick manner. All new people working at Valvoline this trip. Christian and curly headed Justin were very nice. Stephanie M. Fast and friendly service. Good job to that crew, they seem to enjoy their job. Nice people great service. Laura m. I thought it was a little expensive. Fast, polite, and reasonably priced. Mike B.

Karen L. The employees were soooo nice and they went above and beyond to help me out. Service was quick and workers are friendly. Too much gabbing. Inexperienced techs. Only person there when I pulled up and still took 40 minutes. You need a new team it's r You need a new team it's ridiculous and has been for a while.

Want to sell it? There is money to be made. I don't think it was 15 mins as advertised. The staff was very friendly and accommodating, quick and efficient with the service. We will be back for sure! Barb l. Darryl I. I drove 56 miles out of the way, could have went to a w I was really disappointed, very small car 4cylinder couldn't understand the price.

Chuff Rufkins. Sean S. It was quick, easy and I didn't have to leave my vehicle. Great costumer service. And very quick. Michael N. Bethany I. Great customer service representative and very friendly. Brad J. VERY friendly staff. Explained everything. First time I had been there , very impressed. Tankersomething yahoo. Manager was very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional.

I will recommend everyone i know to go there. Fast, friendly service, and the staff seems very knowledgeable about the services they provide. Very friendly and no sales pressure. Jan S. Staff always friendly. Seemed very knowledgeable, worked Seemed very knowledgeable, worked quickly and there was NO pressure to buy extras. I'm always in and out never have to wait. Pat u. They're very friendly Tell me what I need.. It's a happy place.. They do great work..

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Everyone was courteous and helpful. They don't try to oversell their products. The service was excellent. The manager is outstanding. Even tho I had to wait a little before moving into the bay, I was greeted immediately when I arrived and knew what to expect. Once inside the bay, there was constant communication to me and between the technicians as to what was going on. Everyone was friendly. I will go back. Sharon house and Katherine allen. You have a great crew at the Corydon store when we go we always take then cakes or home made candy cause they treat so good than You have a great crew at the Corydon store when we go we always take then cakes or home made candy cause they treat so good thanks for training them so will.

The employees were super friendly. Knew what they were doing and didn't waste time. Ricky is always friendly and knows what he i Ricky is always friendly and knows what he is doing. Great employee. Anonymous customer. Wait was short. Staff was friendly and quick. Very professional staff. Tammy J. Everything was done efficient. Have been here before. Very friendly and as a women that knows nothing about cars he did a great job explaining each process they were doing and why. I like all the employees at the Corydon location. They are all knowlegable and friendly.

My favorite is the young lady, not sure My favorite is the young lady, not sure her name! The Technician Ricky is super. Always remembering his customers. The other tech, I can't remember her name, was super helpful to The other tech, I can't remember her name, was super helpful too. Staff was very friendly and quick.

William D. Quick service very friendly told me everything they were doing and didn't pressure for the upgrade. Will definitely be back for Will definitely be back for next oil change. They were understaffed and the service took longer. At least 2 cars waiting left. The service was extraordinarily fast. The staff was courteous and informative. I liked the lower price for the oil change. I had a headlight out and the lowered price allowed me change I had a headlight out and the lowered price allowed me change the light.

Ricky was helpful and pointed out the air filter which might need replacing the next oil change. It seemed genuine. The Crew: James, Brooke and Justin were welcoming and very professional.

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Staff was professional and efficient. Crew identified potential issues with existing radiator cap. The men were very friendly and professional. Brad S. The customer service is great. Rick H. It took forever for them to get the oil filter off my truck. I was held up for 40 mins extra. Adam s.

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They were short staffed. I was in and out in a timely manner with no waiting to get in. The knowledge and professional manner in which they worked. Just seemed annoyed they had to work but they weren't nasty or off putting and didn't help reset my light. Med Mike. Ashley and the team were professional, knowledgeable and efficient. The staff was friendly and efficient. I was in and out very quickly. I was pleased tha tthey didn't try to sell me other product Kris K. The timing of being able to pull straight into the bay was of course a welcome sight.

But then as I pulled in I was immediately But then as I pulled in I was immediately helped and the team immediately began inspecting and servicing my vehicle. Within minutes I had already paid and was exiting through the opposite bay door. Outstanding Service. Excellent crew. Great job!!! The staff was very polite and informative. Didn't pressure me to purchase higher priced oil or products. Got my oil change finis Got my oil change finished in a timely matter. Ashley was very sweet and professional.

Heather R. Great staff The store manager and assistant manager were professional and courteous. They respected my decisions on what services I wanted d They respected my decisions on what services I wanted done. Mark M. Very competent and friendly staff. Was in an out in 10 minutes. Ashley A. Joe N. So far this oil change has been OK.

Have had a change were I had oil leak from the filter and they said it was the engine. They c So we will see. Gracie W. Very professional group of people. Great job! Sue R. When I drove up, doors were open but no one in sight. I got out and walked into the waiting room--it was raining. No one there. I got back in my car and honked. Someone came up from downstairs immediately. From that point on the service was excellent. I felt my car was well taken care of.

Service people were friendly and kept me informed. My overall experience was very good. First impression not so much. The job was done quickly at the stated price by friendly knowledgeable people,That's what I like. This team is on point.

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They are comfortable to visit. This center has Shell Rotella oil for my Diesel trucks. I drive past sever I drive past several oil change place including other valvoline to go to this one. I have five vehicles and you service all of them. Also my neighbor brings both his there also. Concrete man. Friendly staff and quick service. Robert W. Customer service was top notch. Everyone was really nice and very professonal. Andrew E. Manager was very nice and knowledgeable.

Just wish you could see the same people there. Turnover rate must be high. Quick friendly serviceTreats vehicle with care Very thorough. Pat U. Wonderful service! Friendly and helpful! Changed a bulb in my brakes that was out with my permission! Debbie P. Great staff. Very pleasant person who took care for f my questions while waiting.

Very good service and friendly staff. Jen B. I like being able to stay in my vehicle. Staff is super friendly. And I like being able to use email coupons. Leroy Wetzel. Most instant oil changes are acceptable, they have to be to get their share of the pie, I simply trust Valvoline products!! Using this store for many years. I don't mind waiting usually but I had my 4 yr old. My fault though. I love the crew at Corydon.

Always friendly. Just waited ou Just waited outside and inside last visit. The kindness of the staff and promptness of being greeted upon arrival. Customer for life. All the employees are good. There was one gentleman Who really stood out to me, his name is Ricky his customer service skills ar There was one gentleman Who really stood out to me, his name is Ricky his customer service skills are hands down the best I've seen.

He really has a bright future in your company. So please tell your corporate office that Ricky is a very valuable employee not only to your company but to the corydon valvoline. The team on duty was amazing. The one who did the computer work and checked me out was awesome. Its usually hard for women in Its usually hard for women in the automotive industry but she was knowledgeable and respected by the staff and in turn made my time waiting enjoyable.

I believe her name was Ashley and the other tech was I belive Christian. Great team. Johnny Sr. Every time I go there I'm very pleased with the service and expert help to do more then changing my Every time I go there I'm very pleased with the service and expert help to do more then changing my oil. I have never seen a woman doing the things she does and does it very well.

I will keep going back because of her. Great, efficient service as always! Everything was handled in an efficient, professional manner. Jeff H. Very efficient operation, in and out quickly. All staff was professional and completed service in a timely manner. Great Job. Staff treated me like a person. Manager was very friendly. More businesses needs these kind of workers. Courtney knear. I was highly satisfied because the employees were very nice! I was there for a short time! I love coming to this vavoline! The staff at Corydon Valvoline is Amazing!! The girl is always super friendly and knowledgeable!

The guys did a great job as al The guys did a great job as always!

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Ashley and Rickey are absolutely the best workers you have there. They are so friendly and always willing to answer my questions They are so friendly and always willing to answer my questions. I never feel pressured to buy anything. They are very real and upfront with what my needs are for my car. As long as you have them working there I will continue to give them my business!!! Oh and also give out great feedback to all my friends and family so they will switch their business to the Corydon Business..

Keep up the great work!!! Valued the staff and them dealing with customer satisfation felt like I was dealing with family.

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Kim G. I like the idea of not having to get out of the vehicle. Very informative. The staff is always friendy. The young lady handling things did an excellent job! They are friendly and I feel like they are 'watching out for me' with everything they do. I am a regular customer and I like th I am a regular customer and I like that they know me and carry on some conversation. I sort of know these people and I think they sort of know me. The only thing I don't care for is the sales pitch on flushes of the system of the car. Cathy C. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Allen A.

The staff was very helpful, efficient, and polite. I was highly satisfied with the service and quality. Steve L. Seemed a higher price than I have paid at dealership for an oil change. Bob H. I was very impressed with the service. The attendant inquired if I was a veteran, I confirmed that I was, I was informed that The attendant inquired if I was a veteran, I confirmed that I was, I was informed that I would receive a military discount. I appreciate little things like that.

The high pressure to purchase other services. I did not have any problems with quality or service. As in life, rarely are things perfect. Mary m. Fast, friendly service at a reasonable price. Dennis H. They get the job done and I'm in and out with what I stopped for. Ewing S. Very friendly and courteous. Fun to get my oil changed.

Always professional, quick without sacrificing quality, and thorough. Kim Novak. They are extremely friendly and helpful. I know I will never be there very long. There was some new faces there this time. But they were very friendly and welcoming. Ashley did a magnificent job as always!!!! The staff is very helpful and willing to educate.

Never any pressure to buy stuff I do not need. Very Honest!!! Christina R. Ashley and the whole team are very kind and courteous. Everyone makes my visits worry free. I don't trust just anyone to work on I don't trust just anyone to work on my vehicles but I have no worries with this group. This Valvoline store in Corydon Indiana has a great team Christina Rice. Staff was friendly, personable, fast and they explained each step of the oil change and vehicle check. Didn't take long to get my oil changed.

Staff was courteous and knowledgeable. Monica E. He showed me all the old filters before installing new ones. I really appreciated him helping me with this smelly problem. Donnie B. In and out in a timely matter. Staff stayed focus on what they were doing. Everyone there is always nice and welcoming and I always get good service. They have always done a great job. I will continue to come back. I used to go to this business when it was Pennzoil.

The service then was mediocre. I decided to change to the local Ford deale I decided to change to the local Ford dealership. Their service also had much to be desired. I chose to try Valvoline again, since it was under new ownership. I am glad I did! The quality of the service is excellent and the staff was outstanding!

Very fast. Extremely friendly. The person waiting on me was very friendly and knowledge. Merica m. All the staff members were kind and personable. Ricky was great. Corydon Customer. The staff in Corydon were friendly and I was in and out in a reasonable amount of time. I'll be back. They were friendly, they took care of business and didn't waste my time, and they acted as if they appreciated my business. As a customer, what more could you ask? The tech's were great. They did not pressure me into buying anything. They alerted me to what services were coming up that I wou They alerted me to what services were coming up that I would need.

They were so helpful and very educating. They are so friendly and welcoming. I will continue to tell my friends and family about how awesome the service is. The price could be a little better But the service there is what keeps me going back every time. The mgr Rickey and his team are fabulous!!! Satisfied completely! Pleasant and professional staff. Tom W. I really liked the girl that was there she's always there. Really glad she is there she checked everything the guys did. Good th Good thing. The one I had was not very experienced. But at least he is learning.

I'm sure next time he'll have it down pat. I just wish the turn over rate wasn't do high. It's hard to trust someone who don't stick around long enough to get to know and trust. So glad SHE is there she has been the last couple of times I've been in. That's what builds trust seeing the same faces Everytime you go. Jerry S. The employee's were exceptional! Very nice and knew what they were doing! Bob S. Ronda B. Great friendly staff, no frame oil left on frame to drip on my garage floor.

Oil change performed quickly and accurately. Kathy C. There was no pressure to buy a new air filter or wiper blades. I declined buying the b I declined buying the blades. Get lost.

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  4. David M. Friendly service and the speed of said service. Pam R. Processes are explained clearly and employees are extremely engaging. Staff suggested and accepted coupon, very quick service. I bring all my cars here for oil changes. The staff greeted me directed me in and then informed me on every detail of what they were doing. They m They made me feel like a VIP when I go there. Very professional and they very friendly..

    Plus they are quick. Offered discounts. Fast service. Pressure to buy was obvious but minimal. Alice W. The entire staff was friendly to me. They worked well together as a team, which enabled my service to go more quickly. I especi I especially like having knowledgable females working on my car. My only complaint was the price of filters seemed pretty high. I didn"t have to wait to get in. I was in a hurry.